Selwyn/Madison Park

Selwyn/Madison Park is a charming neighborhood located just south of Uptown Charlotte. It is known for its mix of tree-lined streets, ranch-style homes, and a strong sense of community. The neighborhood is also home to a number of parks and greenways, making it a great place to live for people who enjoy the outdoors.

Selwyn Park

Selwyn Park is a small, quiet neighborhood located within the larger Madison Park area. It is known for its affordable homes, friendly neighbors, and annual block party. Selwyn Park is also home to Park Road Park, a 72-acre park with tennis courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, walking trails, and a lake.

Madison Park

Madison Park is a larger neighborhood that surrounds Selwyn Park. It is known for its diverse population, its proximity to Uptown Charlotte, and its variety of shops and restaurants. Madison Park is also home to a number of parks, including Freedom Park, with its large pond, band shell, bike rentals, and access to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.

Things to do in Selwyn/Madison Park

There are many things to do in Selwyn/Madison Park, including:

  • Visit the Park Road Shopping Center, a popular destination for shopping and dining.
  • Relax at Freedom Park, a large park with a pond, band shell, and bike rentals.
  • Enjoy the outdoors at Selwyn Park, a smaller park with tennis courts, volleyball courts, and a playground.
  • Take a walk or bike ride on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, a 19-mile greenway that connects to other greenways in the Charlotte area.
  • Attend one of the many community events that are held throughout the year, such as the annual block party or the Madison Park Arts Festival.

Overall, Selwyn/Madison Park is a great place to live for people who are looking for a safe, affordable, and family-friendly neighborhood with a strong sense of community.